MediaCom Press Release Distribution

Got something to say but no one is listening?

After more than 125 years working with the New Zealand media, NZPA has the experience and know-how to get important stories to the right people.  MediaCom gives your messages the best chance of making the news by guaranteeing your press release reaches the news media. 

Exclusive media access

Only press releases sent via MediaCom are guaranteed to reach New Zealand journalists. MediaCom sends press releases directly to newsrooms on NZPA's live "newswire" alongside news stories from NZPA and other agencies. So, they can't be blocked by SPAM or lost in in-boxes.

Target your release

MediaCom offers specialist lists of media outlets and journalists with a particular focus that will help to target your releases at the right people.

Leave a lasting impression

Every MediaCom release is stored permanently in NZPA's searchable online database, NewsQuest. Media and researchers alike rely on NewsQuest for in-depth research, ensuring your press release will continue to be read by anyone interested in your field for years to come.


If you would like to find out more about the services NZPA can provide, please contact