NewsQuest: New Zealand News Database

NZPA's media monitoring service allows researchers, communications professionals, and media analysts to proactively monitor and research news from the New Zealand media.

NewsQuest is a web-based service providing organisations with news monitoring and research tools. Subscribers to NewsQuest have access to the entire NZPA newswire which is an aggregation of content from media outlets based throughout New Zealand and overseas.NewsQuest Website

Up to one thousand items a day are added to the service, which are categorised and archived for easy retrieval. Key features include:

  • Content updated as articles are added to the NZPA newswire.
  • The ability to create customised subject categories that can be shared with other users within your organisation.
  • The ability to save selected articles to a personal folder (within the system) for later review.
  • The facility for users to review usage and enter codes for client bill-back.
  • The ability to have content delivered via email.
  • The ability to email a particular article to a colleague from within the system.


If you would like to find out more about the services Newsquest can provide, please contact