Profiles: News Monitoring and Email Alerts

Profiles is a customised news monitoring service that delivers relevant content via NZPA's media monitoring and research service, NewsQuest.

Rather than sifting through the NZPA news service yourself, we can save you time and money by undertaking the searching for you, delivering only the content that matches criteria you set.
Profiles uses NZPA's up-to-the-minute web-based news service, NewsQuest, to search the comprehensive news database of national news.
Content can be emailed to you 7 days a week at pre-selected times during the day and night.
Each article sent by Profiles can be in HTML format, or, if you prefer, in plain text.
Contact NZPA to develop a customised Profile for your organisation.
If you would like to find out more about the services NZPA can provide, please contact